Esk Races

Picnic racing has been popular in Australia since the 1800s. The popularity of this type of racing is due to the relaxed, picnic-like atmosphere that it provides for patrons to enjoy themselves with their families. Families can drive to racecourses, like Balnarring, and rest under the shade of a tree with a picnic in hand. Patrons of picnic racing are allowed to bring their own refreshments and food after paying an affordable entry fee. These races are ideal platforms for bookmakers to provide opportunities to serious punters to participate in the metropolitan racing and interstate races as well.

The Esk picnic races are particularly popular and have been held at the Esk Jockey Club since 1975. This club is located just an hour away from Brisbane. From Toowoomba, you can reach the club in forty-five minutes. The Esk picnic races provide a perfect platform for spectators to enjoy country racing at its best.Esk Races

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The Esk races see a good amount of participation from top-quality horses. People are fascinated by the Somerset Region’s rural setting and bring their families to spend a relaxing day out. Companies even organise corporate days during the event to provide their staff and employees with a fun-filled experience.

At the Esk Picnic Races, punters, patrons and spectators enjoy a lot of fun, frivolity and fillies. The entry fee is only $40 and anyone can enjoy this annual racing event.

The Esk Picnic races permits colts and stallions two years and over to participate. Pony Hacks can participate provided they are ridden by children under 17 years. All winners of the heavyweight and lightweight Hack classes at the district level become eligible to take part in the Open Maiden Hack provided, at the beginning of the show, they were maidens. The competition does not allow for narrow and twisted bits.

Picnic races provide spectators an unforgettable experience. The excitement and fun-filled atmosphere at the Esk Picnic Races is unmatched and is one of the most attended events in rural Australia.

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